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SEALs and SWCC individual membership is complimentary. Fee based corporate memberships are for organizations/companies, of any size, desiring to offer assistance of any kind aimed at the “betterment” of the NSW community. Corporate members are NOT able to view profiles of individual NSW members. Their correspondence to Navy SEAL Veteran Network members is released by a secure admin process.

Please be aware, we validate all membership applications. We are currently able to easily and quickly validate all SEALs and UDT as well as SWCC that attended training since 1991. All others will take a little more time, please bear with us as we work through procedures necessary to obtain the necessary information to validate credentials for SWCC prior to 1991.


To register as an individual member, click below.  Become a Partner


To become a Corporate Partner, please download the application and email it to us.  


In addition to networking, Navy SEAL Veteran Network helps locate established support services for many different activities. Finding the point-of-contact for: Locating – Finding members with desired skills, qualifications, tradecrafts certifications, similar backgrounds and interests. Viewing content and assistance – Navy SEAL Veteran Network is a clearing house for unclassified distribution of information relevant to the community. This includes links for VA or medical benefits, family advocacy/support or even educational entitlements. Recruiting, Mentoring and Outreach – Provide links for promoting recruiting and retention for current and future generations of NSW members. Jobs – provide solid information for job matching by potential employers. Adding and sharing third party content – unclassified third party information include links or embedded content hosted elsewhere. Examples include community news, events, business/employment opportunities, questions or obituaries.

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