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I am pleased to announce a forthcoming national relationship between Department of Veteran Affairs, The Center for Veterans Enterprise (VETBIZ) and the Compensated Work Therapy (CWT) Program.

As a VETBIZ certified SDVOSB, you are either fulfilling or attempting to fulfill a commodity or service contract for the Department of Veterans Affairs. Ideally, in complying with Federal contract requirements, your Company has ten (10) or more employees, and with a rise in the global economy you will be expanding your staffing.

CWT is a vocational rehabilitation program that works with approximately 30,000 Veterans nationally that served in theater from Afghanistan to Viet Nam annually. The Mission of CWT is to help Veterans return to their community by living and working at the highest possible level.

At this year’s National Veteran Small Business Conference, July 19-22, 2010, CWT personnel from VA Central Office will review the two major CWT programs; Transitional Work (TW) and Supported Employment (SE).

In CWT/TW there is no employer-employee relationship between the Veteran and the employer, no employee costs; workers compensation insurance or obligation to hire. CWT/TW can provide a perfect opportunity for your Company to screen applicants prior to employment.

CWT/SE is competitive employment where CWT staff pre-screen the Veteran for a close match to the work requirement. Either relationship with the CWT/TW and SE program provides no-cost support from CWT staff to assist the Veteran and employer form a strong working alliance, something like a free employee assistance program.

Even if CWT/TW or SE is not a viable option at the present, ongoing communication is a means by which to establish a relationship for future needs.

Thank you for your time and consideration for hiring Veterans into your workforce, and for reaching out to the CWT Program as a labor source for those referrals.

P.  (800) 827-1000


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