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Mike Johnson, founder of the Foundation for Navy SEAL Veterans, developed the Navy SEAL Veteran Network website as a way to give back to the NSW Community. As a former Navy SEAL himself, Mike understands the importance of being able to stay connected to teammates and informed of opportunities in the SEAL community. Mike graduated from BUD/S Class 122 and subsequently received a commission as CWO. He served on both coasts and in Panama as Patrol Officer in Charge of the Coastal Patrol Craft (MK III/MK IV).


The Navy SEAL Veteran Network is committed to helping teammates stay connected and informed, as well as making it easier for companies to find them. Membership is complimentary for SEALs and SWCC individuals. Corporate membership is also available to those that wish to offer assistance, employment or services to the NSW community. As a precaution and to keep our environment secure, corporate members do not have the ability to view individual NSW members. Our entire purpose is to provide members a place to find out information, connect with past teammates, and to be able to view what is happening in the NSW community as a whole.


Since retiring, it has been fairly easy to stay in touch with teammates due to my location in San Diego. I often talk with former NSW members who have transitioned from active duty to civilian life and they seem to have a poor network for connecting with teammates, information relative to NSW and job opportunities, especially when they are located elsewhere geographically.

Knowing a number of NSW members have transitioned to second careers and keep in touch through groups or social networks, I made a gateway to deliver relevant information to all teammates. The mission of Navy SEAL Veteran Network is to keep NSW members connected and informed with matters related to our community. The idea is to better link the NSW Community, as well as current and former SEALs & SWCC, amongst themselves and corporate America.

This application is also a means to promote NSW events (some toward family advocacy), veteran’s benefits, updated information regarding the community, prune emails, view obituaries, keep the troops in touch without using a DOD Military USB CAC ID Reader or having to access a less secure (websites we have no control) or cumbersome website.

Remember, this is a portal for SEALs and SWCC to stay connected and informed and for Corporate America to contact people in our community who wish to be reached.

Please activate your membership and help promote our efforts.

Thank you.

Mike Johnson

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